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Pedicab...The Mr. Rickshaw Mission in NYC:

     To provide drivers, passengers, and advertisers a first class pedicab experience.  We pride ourselves on responsibility, reliability and safety.  Our reputation as a full service pedicab company is unsurpassed.  Since 2004, Mr. Rickshaw has been on the cutting edge of all things pedicab in New York.  Mr. Rickshaw takes pride in providing customers with zero emissions transportation in New York City.  Let us show you why we are still #1.      

 Let the New York City Pedicab Professionals handle the job.  Whether you need our pedicab advertising services, an organized group transfer or just a pleasant ride through central park, we would love the opportunity to produce a rate quote for you.    

     Give us a call at (212)736-1950 or (917)345-4553.  Send us an email! or click the link below.  We look forward to hearing from you!  

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